Please Wait… Rebooting

    A few years back, Wil Wheaton wrote a blog about his mental and physical reboot to try to obtain a better self. I followed his progress for a year, and it has inspired me to do the same. I know I am not unique in suffering pain or the unruly voice in the mind, but this past year delivered much grief and sickness for me. Time for me to boldly share my Reboot with YOU to keep me honest. I hope you follow my journey, witness my milestones and encourage me after any missteps. I will be grading myself at the beginning of each month on the progress of the month prior. My inclination is that at the end of the year, I will have made peace with voices in my head, healthier which will lead to the pain easing or maybe going away and with those at bay I will be more creative.

Buckle up.

Here are the brackets for you sports ball folks or Director’s notes for Thespians and I have rolled a natural 20 for Initiative for the gamers.

1.    Eat Healthier (those who have dined at Chez Smith know we tend to eat healthily so I will have to eliminate foods to reboot my metabolism)

2.    Read More (I listen to many books while I work. This goal is to have reading the main dish, not the dressing)

3.    Write more (Not just for Nerdz Garage)

4.    Up the exercise

5.    Put loved ones first (Work has held the first title for too long)

6.    More Kindness (Random Acts)

Maybe this will work. Perhaps it won’t.  It will at least be an adventure…. I love adventures!

Till Next Month,


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