To Open or Not – Tapestry the Board Game

I have said it before that opening a Stonemaier game is a gift that never disappoints. The choice of linen paper, the adorable building and outpost miniatures, unique dice, and charming landmarks. The art on the Tapestry cards are delightful, and all of these fit in a custom insert. (Love custom inserts) The Landmarks (for me) are reminiscent of anime; they look close to what they represent, Character-Esque, Art.

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Weird Trip – Two

The next storefront had a young lady standing a podium with tiny purple liquid in shot glasses. Sounding like she skilled therapist, without pushing a narrative, she described that the drink was made inhouse, “Martini” with lime and pomegranate seeds – refreshing and immune-boosting. I asked if there was booze in it, and she answered plainly, no. As I swig my no booze purple martini, I wondered what else they offer.

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