Old School

We have been conversing about how the Nerdz have been using Roll20 for the ending of their campaign. It has virtual character sheets, maps, virtual dice to roll, and even integrated video chats with players. They enjoy it.
Here’s the issue for me, I like the feel of a book, pen & paper and having all the players around our table.
Old School.

I rolled a lucky die and found The Mimic Chest! This Original Leather-Bound Character Sheet Notebook
The hand-drawn D&D 5e Complete Character Sheet is charming. It has plenty of room for my many many notes. It is the splendid size, and it came with a set of slick purple dice.
The leather rope binding will make it simple to add more pages and replace it with a new character sheet for when we do One-Shots.
I am ready to write my new character for our new campaign, and we are heading to Water Deep!


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Nerdz Garage

Nerdz Garage

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