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Aku VS Madara

The Shape-shifting Master of darkness VS the new sage of sic paths

Written by Karma919

Pre-Battle Analysis


Aku is a fragment of a great evil that took the 3 highest gods of 3 mythologies to defeat. Aku fell to earth and began to infect the world (very slowly). Eventually the emperor of japan tried to destroy this infection, but freed Aku and now Aku could use his powers to their fullest. Aku has powers of shape shifting and his changes include but not limited to: Dragons, giant birds, altering size, giant scorpion, peak humans, and etc. The only weakness to his shape shifting is that he can’t change his color scheme. Aku also has laser eye beams that can destroy and create, telekinesis, elemental manipulation. Aku cannot be harmed by conventional means, weapons such as arrows and spears Aku can absorb and fire back, and while swords and axes can tear his form he can regenerate from this almost instantaneously. Only weapons of divinity or of great human spirit can kill Aku. Aku also has another weakness. His pride and cowardliness. Aku has been able to react to jack (who dodged a beam of natural light), but when fighting people, he thinks of as inferior he’s been shown taking multiple blows. Aku is also a coward, any time someone has a chance at beating him he tends to run away or send someone else to fight in his place. This is what largely lead to his defeat.



Madara the former head of the Uchiha clan, one of the most powerful clans to exist in the Naruto world. Madara even before becoming the New Sage of Six Paths was the considered the strongest Uchiha. In his weakened reanimated state he was strong enough to cut the tops off of a mountain range with his perfect Susano’o, reacting to a teleportation from the second hokage, and summon meteors from the sky. Madara also has the rinnegan, an eye that grants him the powers to create rod/chains to control or restrict chakra, control gravitational forces, absorb attack, and a hand full of other abilities. Madara after receiving the (incomplete) ten-tails and god tree, could produce light speed attacks and combat light speed reaction time. Six Paths Sage chakra is the chakra of the “gods” and is both divine and natural energy. This energy grants Madara regeneration, near immortality, and can only be harmed by natural energy or Taijutsu. With Six Paths mode Madara gained Orbs that could destroy on the atomic level, while also changing these orbs into anything he wanted, and the infinite-Tsukuyomi the most powerful illusion in the Naruto verse. Madara’s main personal weakness is his pride. Like Aku he won’t take fights too seriously and either fight with limited power or just send a clone to do the job.

Fight Rules

  • No outside assistance- (However the ability to summon monsters and the undead do not count so long as the user has complete control)
  • In character
  • Neutral Location: Battle field with corpses scattered around
  • No prep. Time
  • The final rule will be a limitation on Aku. He can’t send Madara into the future, as that would only delay the fight and not actually end it.


If the two were to meet they both would most likely boast about their superior power, Aku would raise the dead soldiers and Madara would summon a rinne-beast or a clone. Aku might be amused at someone that beat his undead armor and try to get him on Aku’s side. Madara would not be swayed and try to kill Aku with the orbs. Aku would twist and contort his body to dodge them. Madara would most likely attack with limbo clones to assault Aku. These invisible clones would pulverize Aku until he was filled with rage and turn into a monster or start decimating the landscape with his eye beams. Aku very angrily attacking with his claws would slash away Madara. Shredding the sage to nothing Aku would laugh “Yes! I have obliterated this false sage. Now on to the samurai.”. Aku’s eyes would resemble the rinnegan and be still as Madara absorbs Aku’s power and bind him with the divine tree while Aku is trapped with by the infinite Tsukuyomi. Aku is bound in an illusion of his victory.

Post Battle Analysis

Madara’s Infinite-Tsukuyomi was able to put the entire world under the illusion and the only ones safe were dead or had the rinnegan. Even if Aku couldn’t be controlled Madara has the rinnegan rods and chains to trap Aku. The rinnegan also allows Madara to rip souls from bodies and summon the king of hell. Madara’s sage energy might also be able to harm Aku. Now comparing their feats. While they’ve both been able to take down multiple armies and fight with light speed reaction fighter, Madara has the advantage in almost every other category. While Aku is a city or mountain buster at best  Madara is able to cut mountains casually with his perfect susano’o without direct contact with his sword, while a direct attack from Aku’s eye beams could only set a city on fire. In a weaker state Madara’s one limbo clone beat multiple mountain level beast with a single strike and when Madara got more powerful he could summon four clones at once. Madara has several kekkei genkai to choose from and not just the basic elements. Madara’s sharigan can see through illusions.  Now some may claim that Aku is a planet or galaxy level threat because three deities had to stop him. No, the Aku that jack spent the series fight is a small sliver of that creature and is now where near as strong. Since Aku can be harmed by human spirit and chakra is part spiritual energy, then it could be argued any chakra ability could harm him.

death battle.png


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