In my day, we stood to play video games.

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Games have been a constant in my life’s adventure.

Then, it was a rotation of 221 B Baker Street, Tripoley, Stratego, variations of Clue and Risk.

During the hours before my son’s arrival, it was Gin Rummy while timing the contractions.

Now, the Nerdz Garage has multiple gaming platforms that the boyz are patiently schooling me on each current acquisition to the game library. I am versed and happy at an arcade with Pacman, Skeeball and Pinball. Games on modern game platforms with their small hand-held controllers are fascinating to watch, but arduous to learn let alone be competitive with the boyz in the house.

Game night at Nerdz Garage is an occasion that is filled laughter, games and heaps of food that we would create from unfamiliar recipes for our guests to try.

This Blog will attempt to catalog the learning curve of my online gaming experience as well as chronicling regular game night that involve great friends and table top games.



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