Leisurely Stroll or Speedy Hike through ~ PARKS

   The good, the bad, and the beautiful. There is much to keep track of while racing to the Trails end. Your Year Goal, the advantages of the Gear cards, and the special effects of the Canteen both good and bad. The added layers maintain the engagement, and the bad is when you realize that after your turn has passed, you neglected to use an ability—curses under her breath. The beautiful surroundings on every component of this resolutely thought out game.

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A Superhero Story Ends With a Win

Second Sight Publishing announces that it has secured the rights to publish Cult of Dracula! This unique reimagining of Bram Stoker’s classic tale of terror adapted from the award-winning stage play by creator Rich David and that “Cult of Dracula is the perfect vehicle to launch our Second Sight Presents line of horror comics.

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The perils of choosing your own adventure are permanently writing on the game boards, throwing away cards, and never opening a spattering of other boxes! We thought this might not be the game we are looking for; however, after the initial marking or ripping, we found ourselves gleeful, permanently altering our story in Charterstone.

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