Who Are We?

What is The Nerdz Garage?

Poolside at The Boardwalk hotel at Disney our son proclaimed he wanted to start website for affordable Manga’s and a place for his Amv’s. After much deliberations and fruity drinks with umbrellas; Nerdz Garage was created.

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The Nerdz Garage Best Board Games of 2019 – From Time Travel to the Stock Market-  The Year has Offered Stellar Variety

While we live in a world of short attention spans, the board game resurgence has sparked our appetite to get back at the tables often and for hours. The scheduled game night has risen to a priority and not just a time filler. We collect games, and we track our victories as well as our losses. The spirit of competition is alive and well at The Garage. Our top ten games played this year, some that are new and some that are new to us.

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Weird Trip – Two

The next storefront had a young lady standing a podium with tiny purple liquid in shot glasses. Sounding like she skilled therapist, without pushing a narrative, she described that the drink was made inhouse, “Martini” with lime and pomegranate seeds – refreshing and immune-boosting. I asked if there was booze in it, and she answered plainly, no. As I swig my no booze purple martini, I wondered what else they offer.

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Weird Trip – One

Weird Trip -One
When the hubby nerd was on the road last year with James Taylor, he experienced the weird and witty on his days off that were very intriguing. Now that he is home (for a bit), he is my tour guide for the eccentric and offbeat ventures.

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